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Airaf, 20, joined us when he was just ten years old. Now, as a quiet and hard-working boy, his mother describes him as a loving and obedient son. The family of Airaf came under our care in the year 2012. After his father passed away in the year 2011, the family was shattered with no financial support.

Narrating the story of their hardships, mother of Airaf terms the presence of our project in their life as a mercy from Allah. "After the Almighty Allah, it's this companionship and support that saved us. I was battling many things at the time. Be it my depression, education of my kids, or other financial necessities, I
was sinking under all these burdens until we were contacted and shown a new hope."
"My mother managed everything. After Abu Ji passed away, she played the role of both parents. She is the real warrior of our struggle," Airaf adds. He recently completed his diploma in Medical Lab Technology and aims to graduate in the same field. We ask our supporters to pray for our children and their families, for their success in this life and the next.

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