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About Us

The Shade Trust partners with NGOs , Trusts and institutions to help reduce poverty among orphans, widows and single women through sustainable strategies. We work to improve access to quality education, both mainstream and maktab related, assist in health care and provide training for stable livelihoods. The Shade Trust currently supports the Caravan project, mainly through fundraising. It keeps a close eye on the correct utilisation of its funds, with transparency. The Caravan project works closely with orphans and widows, to provide quality education to orphans and assistance to widows, from the vulnerable sections of society. Progress is monitored through working and sharing of information in the form of reports, audits, inspections and personal visits.

Our Mission

Facilitate growth through outstanding education and spiritual growth opportunity.

To stand shoulder to shoulder with Caravan members and create a sense of family, respect, dignity and belonging within Caravan and each community.

To share the journey of life with the people we serve; to nurture confidence, independence, and success. 

Our Unique Features 
  • Minimum infrastructure costs so max funds go directly to beneficiaries.

  • Monitoring school, maktab and health progress. 

  • Weekly home visit ensuring needs of orphans, widows and their children are met.

  • Financial transparency. Use of bank accounts only.

  • Regular reports for sponsors. Aiming to link sponsors to sponsored child.

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